5 Best Jobs In The Real Estate Industry

When you meet someone who says they are working in the real estate field, it is quite normal to have an image of some realtors showing listings to interested clients, or introducing open house events and for-sale signs to people, pop up in your head. But there are also many more types of works beyond that image. Here are listings of five best jobs to consider if you are interested in building a career in real estate or are just plainly interested in making a side hustle:

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1. Short sales:

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When a homeowner faces a horrid financial situation and decides to sell his/her property for less than the amount due on mortgage, it is referred to as ‘short sales’. The job of a short sale retailer is to help the homeowner get rid of the property they cannot possibly afford. A short sale realtor who has been working for many years in the field, can use his experience to work with the owner’s lender on previous short sale and it is believed that they will do better because they know the inside-out of the people they are dealing with.

Thus, being a short sale agent needs all the attention and the understanding of people’s mindset. It also needs an empathy to become a short sale agent, as the main responsibility of the agent is to get the burden off of the owner’s shoulders.

2. Probate:

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What the term probate usually means is the legal process through which the will of a person who has passed away is reviewed to see if it is authentic or not. In the real estate world, probate means the administrative act that requires going through a person’s will who has been long gone or into a deceased person’s property who had no will at all.

A probate agent will help to get through with the property by utilizing the deceased person’s contacts and information and will list the property as a probate property. These are the main tasks of a probate agent. But a probate agent can not put up the price of the property below 90% of its fair market value. It is also the responsibility of the probate to deal with the court’s regulation as well.

3. Investing:

If you are someone who likes to be their own boss, then investing is the perfect job for you. Being an investing agent, you will get to enjoy the rewards and call the shots. There are some types of ways that you can invest:

  • Buy and Hold: After buying a buy and hold investment, the next step will be looking for a potential place where your investment would be appreciated. If you are still confused, you might take a look at some things here before considering to take this job.
  • Fix and Flip: Fix and Flip properties are short termed projects. An investor has to purchase a property in a low rate and later puts it up to sell after giving it a makeover.
  • Investment property: Here, the investor has to purchase a property and sell it to tenants. This is one of the easiest ways of investing in real estate.

4. Property Management:

Taking the job of a property manager is a smart move to earn easy profit in the real estate job sector. This job is listed amongst the top five best jobs in this field because people can easily earn 8 to 12 percent profit from the total monthly rent, also earn additional point fees for other external works, like finding tenants.

This job will help you earn money in every step you take and every move you make. In some cases, a broker’s license is needed, in some cases it doesn’t become an issue. Here you can check some property management laws that will surely come in handy while taking this job.

5. Wholesaling:

Real estate wholesaling is profitable; Image Source: udemy.com

The responsibility of a wholesaler is to bring in buyers to sellers. This might seem similar to the idea of taking the job as real estate agent, but actually it is not. It is a profitable way to get some money in your pocket while dealing with off-market properties.

Going through expired MLS listings, one can easily find exclusive wholesale deals. Thus, one can actually see the big margin that separates the job of a wholesaler from the job of a regular real estate agent. There is no chance of indulging in mundane routines or boring researches. Working as a wholesaler, even researching will seem fun.

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