Expensive Real Estate Cities to Buy a Home

Price for a property differs from place to place. It mostly depends on the area it belongs to, the amenities, schools and other opportunities etc. Some negative qualities also effect the price of a property. Usually properties in cities are more expensive than those in rural areas. There are a lot of cities that are more expensive to live in than others. So, here is a list of top 20 most expensive places to buy a home in the world.


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Looking for a place of true luxury? Then Monaco might be the best choice for you. Here, the average price per square meter of a property is $60,114, which is significantly more expensive than anywhere else in the world.


London, the capital city of England is the most desirable place to live. Here, the price for property is approximately $34,531 per square meter. The demand of property is so high but most of the apartments and a large number of houses are empty for most of the year. Because the rich and the famous people doesn’t use them as their full time residence.

HONG KONG, Hong Kong Island

In Hong Kong, the price for a property would cost you $25,551 per square meter. There are a lot of reasons behind it including the tax friendly economy, land development and mainland developers etc.


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It’s a dream of many people to own a property in the City of New York. It’s a city of excellent shopping areas, a great vibe, high rates of employment etc. The price for a property here is almost $17,191 per square meter.

TOKYO, Japan

You’ll be able to buy a property in Japan’s capital city by paying $16,322 per square meter. The city is highly populated and have limited land. So, these two reasons play a vital role for the high cost of living in Tokyo.

MOSCOW, Russia

This place have successfully ranked 6th position on the world’s most expensive places to live as the price per square meter for property in Moscow is approximately $16,021.


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In Mumbai, the property price per square meter is $15,525. One of the reason behind it’s high price is it’s geography. This makes it more appealing to most of the people.

GENEVA, Switzerland

People who are looking for a beautiful place to buy are attracted to the cosmopolitan atmosphere and quality of living in here. Buying a property in Geneva would likely to cost you $15,495 per square meter.

VIENNA, Austria

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In Vienna, the property price per square meter is approximately $14,952 per square meter. There is not enough property left here to meet the demand of the people. So, this could be a prominent reason behind the high price of properties.

PARIS, France

This is the most expensive place to live in France. The price for a square meter of property would cost you $14,100 on an average.


The population of Singapore is continuously rising and if you want to buy a property here, then you need to pay $13,748 for a square meter of property.

TEL AVIV, Israel

Though this country is experiencing ongoing political restlessness, but it is such a desirable place to live. The short supply of property, lack of investment options and the expansionary monetary policies of the central bank have impacted mostly on the prices of properties. The price for a square meter of property is $12,742.


This place is the cultural and financial center of Sweden. If you want to buy a property in this city, then it would cost you $9,439 per square meter.


This one is a desirable place to love for many people as it offers a fantastic social life and a wide range of work opportunities. Here, for buying a property you need to pay around $9,409 for per square meter of property.


It’s a wonderful place to buy a property and here the price for a property is $8,923 per square meter.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands

Buying a home in this city would cost you around $8,112 per square meter. If you want to rent an apartment with 120 square meter of floor space, it will cost you around $3,660 per month.

ROME, Italy

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Rome is one of the most attractive cities in the world and a property here would cost you around $7,859 per square meter. Despite a decline in Rome’s housing market in recent years, it ranks 17th in the list of most expansive places around the world.

SYDNEY, Australia

Sydney is a popular place to live as it offers fantastic work opportunities, a wonderful climate, and a beautiful lifestyle. Buying a property here would cost around $7,250 per square meter.

TAIPEI, Taiwan

The high prices and unavailability of land have made Taipei one of the most unaffordable places in the world to live. If you want to buy a property in Taipei, then you have to pay $7,112 per square meter.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand

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In Auckland, the price per square meter for a property is approximately $7,082 putting it in 20th position on the list. It is considered a ‘global’ city and also a desirable place to live because of the culture, the diversity and the atmosphere.

Reference: https://moneyinc.com/the-20-most-expensive-cities-to-buy-a-home-in-the-world/

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