Mistakes to Avoid in Building Home

You’re making plans to build your dream home, thinking about what you’ll need. But have you thought about what you don’t want or what you don’t need? It is really important to think about some factors which must be avoided while building a new home. You wouldn’t want to make your home uncomfortable or unhealthy, right? Then, take your time or take the help of online sources, architects, engines and builders who are trained to help you make proper decisions. So, here are some facts to let you understand the mistakes you should avoid while building your home.

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Paying Attention to Your HVAC System

In this case, poor planning can create problems like moisture or terrible mold growth. You wouldn’t want your home to be too cool in winter and not cool enough during summer. So, you have to plan carefully about the sizes of your rooms.

Poor Space Planning

If you’re planning to build a medium sized home which is not very small or not too large, then the space planning and design is an important thing to consider. Pay attention to your storage spaces, where you’ll place your closets etc. Sometimes there is not enough space to store necessary items. Again sometimes, we see too many closets or storage are takes away some spaces from the living space. It makes your living or walking area smaller. So, plan properly about the space utilization.

Poor Overall Planning

Your lifestyle and habits are important to consider when you’re planning for your own home. You may need to think about how long will you stay in this house or what you and your children will need to live here. Or you can think about your life after retirement to spend here. So, thinking properly and making plans according to your needs is a must.

Poorly Lit Homes

In a room, you must have enough light fixtures and outlets. And the number of windows should be plentiful. Windows are an important part of every room and they should be as large as possible. Make sure that natural sunlight should be the main source of light in your rooms.

Underutilized Rooms

We often see that, people uses some unused rooms as a dumping ground to place those things that never get used. If you plan to add a spare room, then make sure that it is a room which can transition well from one type to the next.

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Placement of the Laundry Room

In that case, we would say that, it’s a personal decision. Some people like to have a laundry room in their basement but it may not be an ideal choice. Placing your laundry room, or washer and dryer should be close to your bedroom. But decision can differ from person to person.

Placement of the Bedroom

Placing your bedroom in a proper area of the house is an important thing. You wouldn’t want any kind of noise or traffic to disturb you while you’re sleeping or taking rest, right? So, the bedrooms should be placed far away from the garage and central living area as well. Your bedroom should not share a wall with the central living room.

Placement of the Kitchen

Placing your kitchen right near the main point of entry would not be a good idea. Because you might face problems while bringing groceries into the kitchen. So, the Kitchen should be located near a back entrance as well as near the ding and living areas.

Placement of the Garage

The garage should not be placed near your bedroom. It should be placed near the kitchen. If you have car or other vehicles then your garage must be a busy place with people constantly coming and going. And you wouldn’t want to get disturbed by the people.

Let Someone Tell You What You Need


Your family, their lifestyle and other needs are known best by you. Professionals can only give suggestions. But it is your responsibility to find out what you and the family needs or don’t need. You have to plan properly to build your dream home.

Reference: https://freshome.com/moving/10-mistakes-avoid-when-building-new-home/

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