Never to Do in Real Estate Business

Before starting a new thing, mostly a new business, everybody will come up and tell you what to do. But do you know, what is more important? Telling you what not to do! Today, in this article we will tell you what not do if you are into some real estate business.

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According to most of the estimates, it is believed that 87% of the real estate agents fail within only five years of their career. We will hope you not to belong to this 87% and tell you something that might boost you up as the remaining 13%.

Never forget the basics

Fundamental points of real estate will always guide your path and never go away from them for some advanced or shortcut tricks. Always remember that, success has no shortcut. You will have to keep a balance between your personal and professional life. During the beginning, the professional part would seem too much time consuming, but don’t step back! Because at some point, you and also your dear ones will realize that it was worth it. Both your personal and professional life will have to become one.

Never be arrogant with employees

Make your employees like you, not for you, but for the business. People don’t tend to stick where they don’t get along with the boss. So, be the cool boss for your own success. Moreover, a friendly work environment always helps with both employer and employees. Never act arrogant before your people just to show off or out of rage. Control your expressions and make them feel at home. Make them believe that they work for not only money.

Never stop creating the ‘Network’

From the very beginning of your business, you will get many leads connecting you to the real estate business world. Never miss any of the leads, always hold them up because you never know when and how, who can come out as a great help! Everybody won’t be your client, but everyone is a chance to get you more clients. Never forget this and never stop building your network.

Source: The Balance Small Business

Never let go a customer

A good salesman never turns his customers away, even if there is not what the customer is demanding. A good salesman presents a strong replacement of the product that the customer cannot refuse. Making them believe what they need is your duty. Tell people what they need. This is pure advertisement and believe it or not, this is the fuel that keeps the wheel of capitalism going on and on. So, advertise your services, behave with people in a way that they will not even want to go to other places. Make them satisfied and they will keep coming back. This is how you will get your regular customers.

Never waste time

Hectic schedule is going to be a lifetime feature if you are a real estate agent. Every moment is worth money and you surely don’t want to lose money. So, remember the essay you wrote in high school- Value of time! Time is ticking as you have ‘miles to go before you sleep’.


Not only your own time, but also other’s time should matter to you. Be punctual and get on proper time. This will also build trust and dependency towards you.


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