The Best Places to Buy Property in Europe

Finding the cheapest and best places to buy property in Europe? Want to diversify your portfolio into euro-valued real estate? Well, it might be a better idea to expand yourself as a real estate investor. Where will you focus your attention right now? Check this article and find out an appropriate place to buy a property. Here are some recommendations:

Abruzzo, Italy

Source: Discover Italy

This place is one of the most affordable spots in euro-land. If you’re thinking about retiring, then we must say that, it is one of this region’s best places. You can think of buying an apartment in a beautiful location in this wonderful province. It will cost you almost US$ -1,015 per square meter. Small habitable village houses may cost you US$ 50,000. Here you can get the taste of both the coastal and mountain lifestyle.

Istria, Croatia

This one is a super affordable corner of Southern Europe. In Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula, you could buy an apartment which may take US$- 1,313 per square meter. Croatia bordering the Adriatic Sea offers two lifestyle options. One is coastal and the other is inland. This region was ruled by Romans and Venetians who got impressed by the beauty of this fairytale land of fortresses and bell towers. The ancient Romans considered Istria as Tierra Magica.

Valletta, Malta

Now, this one is the shinning First World Jewel in the middle of the Mediterranean. There English is universally spoken, health care is superb and all the Maltese people are so warm and welcoming. You could own a property in that historic city for US$- 1,320 per square meter on an average.

Source: Lonely Planet

One thing to remember is that in Malta you have to spend at least 104,737 euros for an apartment and at last 174,514 euros for a house as it is restricted for the foreigners to buy property in Malta.

Algarve, Portugal

Algarve in Portugal has been an attraction for the foreigners for decades. It’s 100 miles of Atlantic coastline, jagged rock formations, 3,300 hours of sunchine per year and beautiful sandy beaches have made it a top summer destination among the European sun-seekers. It’s also a top winter retreat for the people who want to escape the Northern Europe’s coldest months. Here at the beach, you can fill your day with swimming, sunning and boating. You could purchase a property here in Portugal’s Algarve for US$- 1,345 per square meter.

Bucharest, Romania

Source: The New York Times

The old town of Bucharest, Romania is a historic area having beautiful walking streets, sidewalk cafes, churches, museums and restaurants. Generally this city shares the urban history of Europe, the culture, and fondness for art, architecture, and education.

You could own a place in Bucharest for US$- 1,432 per square meter.

Budva, Montenegro

Budva in Montenegro is a city of 2,500 year old. It has a well preserved medieval center. The coastal area offers beautiful sandy beaches and a sound Mediterranean climate. Here, you could buy a property in the seaside for as little as US$- 1,839 per square meter.

Athens, Greece

Athens in Greece is a wonderful place to own a house though Greece is dealing with economic crisis and we can find the reflection of it on the property values. The average per square meter cost of owning in Athens is US$-2,116.

Dublin, Ireland

Prices in Ireland is a little bit up. The average cost of owning in Dublin district-2 (which is a top choice for rental investment and expat lifestyle) is US$- 3,975 per square meter.

Source: The Irish Times

Now, the decision is up to you that where you would like to buy a place for you!


Featured Image Source: The New York Times

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The Best Places to Buy Property in Europe

Finding the cheapest and best places to buy property in Europe? Want to diversify your portfolio into euro-valued real estate? Well, it might be...