Top 10 Helpful Tips to Build a House

Who doesn’t want to have a house of their own? Especially by building it after his/her own heart. Watching your home building will be a wonderful experience for you. Building a home doesn’t need to be a difficult process. A firm plan and going through the process yourself can save you from having a heartache. Check on this article to get top 10 tips for a pain-free home construction process.

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Getting a Firm Plan

Plan properly before you take any step. It’s an important part of the construction process. Building a house without proper planning may take everything towards disaster. Make sure you plan everything meticulously. There are a number of sites like Floor planner and RoomSketcher, who may help you to create mock floor plans. Keep track of design ideas which inspires you. File the examples of your favorite designs which you can show to your builders during the construction.

Making a Bigger Budget

In the case of house building, it is often seen that the process overall costs more than the budget. There could be some items like electrical and gas meters, internet or cable hookups etc. not be included in the estimate which your builder gives you. If any of the fittings or material does not match your expectations, then you would like to change that which may cost you some extra money. So, it is always wise to budget more than you expect.

Picking the Right Builder

This is one of the most important task you have to finish. Choosing the right builder is very much needed as you’re going to work with them for months. Several things you must consider while choosing a builder which are:

Credentials: Find out if the builder is perfectly licensed and insured.

References: In that case, check his past works and find out his previous customer’s reviews about him before signing a contract. You can take the help of internet to check if there is any complaints against the builder you choose. Don’t forget to check out their warranty and services.

Past Work and Style: Look into some previous works if that builder you’ve chosen and make sure that it suits your design style.

Personality and Price: As you’re going to work with that person for months, so it’s important to understand his personality and his communication with people. If the builder is outside of the budget, then you can negotiate the price with him.


Understanding Your Agreement

Make sure you go through the whole contract carefully and understand each and every point. Check out if it contains the detailed plans, a specific timeframe for construction, the payment schedule, warranty and insurance information etc. Finally, it would be wise if you let a lawyer go through the whole contract before you sign it.

Knowing What You’re Entitled to

When you’re building your first home you may be entitled to grants. It depends on where you live and could substantially offset your cost of the home. In this case, you could speak with your mortgage lender or local council to look for any possible credits and rebates.

Getting Your Financing In Order

You will need construction home loan when you’re building a property. It is different from a regular home loan. Here the lender won’t release all the funds at once rather he will decide how much you need for the project and then set the funds in periodic payments, known as draws. So, before you explore financing, make sure that you have a detailed plan in place.

Communicate Constantly Throughout the Process

You must communicate with your builder and the tradesmen often, get regular updates of the construction process and check yourself. It’s not a bad idea to click pictures of the progress so that you can find out any problematic area.

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Looking for Ways to Save

Home building process is going to be a costly one as mentioned earlier. By taking care of things like shopping around for the best and reasonable prices of materials that your builders will use; you can save some money.

Getting an Independent Inspector

Each and every stage of construction must be inspected by an independent consultant. This will help you to understand easily about all the building materials and practices used in constructing your home.

Knowing Your Rights If Something Goes Wrong

Though you’ve planned everything correctly, but if something goes wrong, then you’ve to handle the situation properly. That’s why you should find out some necessary process according to your state in case you need them for handling any unwanted situation.


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