Top 10 Real Estate Tycoons

Are you a newcomer at the real estate business and looking for an idol? Want to know about the tycoons of global real estate? So, here are top 10 billionaires in the world to fill your curiosity who came top into the list for the result of their property holdings.

Wang Jianlin – $ 28.7 B

Source: Financial Times

China’s Wang Jianlin is the world’s richest real estate mogul having $ 28.7 billion. He ranks in the top 20 billionaires on the planet. This guy made his fortune by building shopping plazas and hotels. Past years were very successful for him as Wabda Commercial Properties and Wanda Cinema Line both went public.

Lee Shau Kee – $ 21.5 B

The Hong Kong native Lee Shau Kee is considered the second wealthiest guy in property who took the 31st position in the overall rich list. His life story is no less than a Disney one whose family had to ration meat and fish because it was over their weekly budget. 

Michael Otto – $ 15.4 B

Michael Otto is the recent chief of the Otto Group which was founded by his father. It is known as the first internet retailer after It encompasses both real estate and financial services. The ECE group develops industrial buildings, special purpose properties, and controls 196 shopping centers also.

Donald Bren – $ 15.1 B

Source: Orange Country Register

Mr. Bren is America’s wealthiest property tycoon. He is also the idol of Donald Trump. He owns a giant 110 million square foot portfolio in California. His name is on more than 500 office buildings, many apartments, three hotels and some golf clubs.

Simon and David Reuben – $ 14.4 B

These two successful Mumbai-born brothers spent their early life on the trading of scrap metals and selling carpets. Now, they have business on real estate to private equity. They have properties including 1.5 million square meters of coastline in Ibiza, The Piccadilly Estate which is worth more than $ 320 million etc.

Joseph Lau – $ 13.1 B

Mr. Lau is one of the Hong Kong’s premier real estate investors. He owns 75% of Chinese Estates. He is famous for his collection of diamonds. His life has been muddied with some bribery and money laundering charges. 

Raymond Kwok – $ 13 B

This man is the solo chairman of Sun Hung Kai properties. He inherited the company after his father’s death. He is the owner of Hong Kong’s tallest sky skyscraper, the International Finance Center and the International Commerce Center.

Stephen Ross – $ 12 B

Source: CNN

Mr. Stephen, having $12 billion, is the majority owner of The Related Companies.  Basically it’s a global real estate development firm which is known for the Time Warner Center, the living and work place of Mr. Stephen. He is a big fan of Miami Dolphins.

Robert Kuok – $ 10 B

Source: Rojak Daily

This man has more money than anyone else in Malaysia and also more then 7, 480, 267, 148 other people. At first he built the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore in 1971. He owns 10 bottling companies for Coca-Cola in China. Then he moved on to develop the Beijing World Trade Center.

Andrew Beal – $ 9.4 B

Mr. Beal is a true picture of a person who is active in more than one occupations or sphere. He is a businessman, mathematician, investor and poker player etc. all in one.


Featured Image: Fortune Builders

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