Top 5 Commercial Real Estate Owners

Commercial real estate is a very significant part of real estate business. This is popular for business purpose. Commercial real estate businessmen are always moving for new and developed ideas and some of the ideas move the world of real estate business. Those people who generate and practice these unique ideas are the one who actually are in the control of the wheel. Today we will talk about five company among all of the significant real estate companies, that managed to do the real movement in the world of real estate.


This is the top mentioned commercial real estate owner throughout the whole world. According to the 2015 Annual Report, It covers 607 million square feet across the world except the under development facilities. If these facilities are also included in the calculation, it will reach the limit of 669 million square feet.


Ownership and investment- both are processed by this large company. They keep focus on their supply chain facilities which are near main transportation hubs. These hubs include seaports, airports ad interstate areas. The immense size of Prologis is used as a selling attraction for other companies for connecting with it. It regularly keeps the facilities going up to fulfill the needs of their clients.

“If the building you lease today doesn’t work for your tomorrow, we have a lot more space where that came from, in a lot of different markets. “So if you are a big-time company and have ambitious growth and expansion plans, you can make a gazillion little deals, or you can come to Prologis for one-stop shopping.”

Hamid Moghadam, The CEO of Prologis

Blackstone Group

Source: Wall Street Journal

A total of 103 US Dollar in asset is the greatest attraction of this company. There are many commercial real estate properties included here. The world’s biggest commercial real estate provate equity operation is implemented from here. This group covers 153 million square feet around the globe. Depending on the 2015 Annual Report, this is declared as the largest office property owner in United States. There are 96,000 multifamily units in Blackstone Group. They have a slogan-

“Buy it. Fix it. Sell it.”

Simon Property Group


This is totally a self-managed commercial real estate investment trust. Hundreds of shopping centers around the globe are managed and also developed by this group. Domestically, they own 209 properties which covers an area more than 184 million square feet. This information was confirmed by National Real Estate Investor in the year of 2016. They want to create a permanent destination for their clients, not merely a shopping place to go and shop. This is clearly a unique idea that has allowed themselves to establish their position so strongly.

Duke Realty Corp.

In this list, Duke Realty Corp. is the fourth largest commercial real estate owner. It covers an area of 138 million square feet. It exclusively focuses on United state market, so it’s more local than being international.


They are also very self-managed and have a specialization in healthcare and investment properties. They also cover other parts of services such as property management, development, construction and leasing. This is a publicly traded company and they also keeps ‘modern bulk distribution properties’ in the core of their service line.

General Growth Properties

Source: Starmark

According to this farm’s 2015 Annual Report, it covers a large area of 128 million square feet. There are 131 retail properties included in it. 100 among the top 500 shopping malls are successfully operated by this company and it has a lot of contribution in the commercial real estate business.


Featured Image: Property Investment New Zealand

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