Top 7 Leading Real Estate Companies in the World

The real estate business has now become one of the most profitable businesses in the world. There are many segments of this business such as commercial structures, residential buildings, industrial structures and other social infrastructure, construction works like roads, flyovers etc. Since there are so many scopes in this business sector, it has been attracting a lot of people to pursue their careers as real estate businessmen.

So, in recent days we can see the rise in the number of new real estate companies everywhere in the world. And every company has its own locality, where it mainly conducts its business. And almost every locally branded real estate companies dominate in their locality since this business is principally local in nature and people rely on local companies for finding a home or office for themselves. 

Buying homes and other buildings can be really stressful for not choosing a good company to buy them from. So, a suitable real estate company has to be chosen to avoid all the troubles and inconveniences one faces to buy a flat or office space. Budget, sought land area, construction type, material used in construction etc. have to be taken into account before choosing a real estate company.

There are many top real estate companies in the world who guarantee of solid construction for any kind of establishment. One can easily rely on one of these companies if he is planning to avail a real estate. The top 7 real estate companies currently in the world are mentioned below-

1. Century 21:  

Century 21 is one of the most popular brands in real estate business which operates worldwide. This company has operations throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia. It has risen to the top spot of e-marketing. It autonomously possesses about 7000 operated broker offices and over 100,000 acquaintances spread out all over the world, which have made it one of the most renowned brands in this industry.

Century 21 is worldwide one of the most popular real estate companies; Image Source:

2. The Corcoran Group:

The Corcoran Group is one of the biggest privately owned real estate companies in New York city. This company holds offices in the Hamptons and South Florida while having more than 1,900 solo agents in 25 offices at present. Barbara Corcoran, a real estate tycoon founded this company who once used a trick to sell 81 apartments within 24 hours. This company opened its website in 1995 and became one of the earliest real estate firms to have an online portal.

3. Camden Property Trust:

Camden Property Trust is currently one of the largest publicly operated real estate companies in the USA. This company is popular for being dedicated to its customers by providing great quality in apartment structures. About 55,000 apartments all over the US are run by this company. Apart from being experts in emerging and attaining multifamily residential apartment communities, it offers its employees a proactive and vibrant work environment. 

Camden Property Trust is a great real estate company; Image Source:

4. Zillow:

Former Microsoft executives Lloyd Frink and Rich Barton started this unique real estate company which helps its customers with the necessary tools and applications to take quality real estate decisions independently. This online portal was founded in 2005 and it has grown exponentially due to its great service. A database of over 110 million homes is occupied by this company and also has a store of tools which makes it easier to buy or rent a house.

5. Newmark Grubb Knight Frank:

NGKF is a multinational real estate service company headquartered at New York City, which was initially founded at Manhattan as a commercial real estate services institution in 1929. It now possesses over 250 million square feet of commercial property space in the world as they are now included as share of BGC partners. Apartment Realty Advisers has been gained by NGKF recently, which has made it the second largest multifamily sales company in the nation.

Homepage of the website of NGKF; Image Source:

6. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate:

This real estate company is a famous one which was originally started by a popular company, Meredith Corporation in 1978. In USA, Meredith Corporation is a leading supplier of sound media and marketing. With the privilege of having a relationship with a magazine sharing the similar name, it has become one of the most trusted real estate firms in the country.

7. HFF:

HFF is one of the largest and most effective commercial real estate capital intermediaries in the nation, which has more than 36 billion USD in arranged CRE financing. This company has over 850 experienced industry experts all over the country who serve the customers very well. National Real Estate Investor ranked this real estate company as number 1 financial intermediaries. HFF is one of the leading commercial real estate capital construction organizers.

 HFF is one of the leading real estate companies; Image Source:

Buying a real estate is a tough job and it is a very important task since people need them desperately. So, a suitable real estate company has to be chosen in order to comfortably make a real estate purchase. Any of the above 7 can easily be chosen as they are among the bests in the world. 

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