Top Construction Companies: Part 2

Construction business is a mentionable real estate job. This is known as an evergreen field because constructing new buildings will never end. So, chances of contracts are also unlimited.

Every year, United States construction industry creates almost $1 trillion in structural and infrastructural system. This expenditure adds almost $3.4 billion to the Gross Domestic Product of the country and puts a great contribution the economy. So, construction industry proves itself very signifcant.

We have talked about five biggest construction companies in the world in our previous article on this topic. Today we will complete the list describing about another five biggest companies of this industry.

China Communications Construction Company

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This Company is also abbreviated to CCCC or 4C. This is another attractive company on our list. This is known as one of the biggest construction companies around the whole world. They have many subsidiary companies. Among them, John Holland Group is known as one of the most notable ones. This subsidiary company of 4C is also one of Australia’s leading engineering firms. Soon they are going to start working on a new project which will be new Hong Kong Airport Platform. They have about 100,000 people as their employees. They do have an annual revenue of $54.4 billion dollars.


This Group includes STRABAG International GmbH and several other companies. They usually keep their focus on the center of transportation infrastructures, civil engineering, and building construction. They can easily cover a large project as they have got individual company for every aspect. World’s largest indoor skydive in Abu Dhabi project was also implemented by them. This is proved to be one of the biggest construction companies across the globe. They have about 43,000 people as their employees. Their annual revenue is about $18 billion U.S. dollars.


Source: FairfaxNews

On our list, this is the only US-based company on the list. But still, they are known to be one of the biggest construction companies across the globe. They have more than 50,000 employees. Their annual revenue is about $32.8 billion.

They regularly work on big and massive projects based in the United States.


This is one of the biggest construction companies across the globe. They are generally based in London but also got some operation bases in the Asian Pacific, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and in the Americas. They are soon going to start a large project which will be the largest Hydrogen Generation Unit in India. TechnipFMC have 44,000 people as their employees. They have an average annual revenue which is almost $13 billion U.S. dollars.


Source: TARGETjobs

This is a Swedish based company. They have many subsidiary companies around Sweden and also the whole world. This is also a reason behind making this one of the biggest construction companies across the globe. Skanska got specialties in construction and they are into infrastructure and general building construction stuffs. They build bridges and roads, homes, hospitals, and schools. A notable and recent projects of Skanska is the La Guardia Central B Terminal Redevelopment in United States. Skanska don’t recruit people too much. They only have 43,000 people. Their revenue is of $18 billion U.S. dollars.


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