Top 10 Construction Companies In India

India, a country situated in the South Asia stands in the seventh position by area. There are many construction companies across India that are building wonderful structures around this area. The competition in the construction field is quite rough in the local market here, as most of the construction companies have their unique plans and ideas to work on. Yet, in such competitive situation, here are top ten construction companies that have proven their efficiency and has secured top places in people’s mind:

1. Larson & Toubro:

Larson & Toubro has proved to be the most prominent and promising construction company in India over the past few years. Now, it stands in the topmost place in the country’s most successful construction companies. This construction company has created vast job opportunities for the people of India, hiring more than 87 thousand workers in the field of construction.

In the year 2010, Larson & Toubro construction company was awarded as the ‘Company of the Year in Economic Times’. The charismatic building techniques of Larson & Toubro did not get stuck in only construction works, instead they have been showing their manufacturing skills by producing information technology, financial services etc. as well.

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2. Jaypee Group:

One of the largest construction companies in India, Jaypee Group first started in the year 1979. The headquarter of Jaypee Group is located at Noida, India. Jaypee Group did not limit itself in constructing structures around the country. It has also secured its place as the first largest cement producing company. Fields like real estate, Hospitality, Expressways, IT, Sports and Education, Power etc. are also being covered by Jaypee Group.

3. GMR Infra:

Another legendary construction company which also tops this list is the GMR Infra construction company. GMR Infra has kept their creative mark in India and abroad, building many high-end projects. Founded in the year 1978, GMR Infra has built many airports, Transportation and Urban Infrastructures, Energy Plants etc. The headquarter of this company is situated in Bangalore.

GMR Infra operates the busiest airport of India, the Indira Gandhi International Airport, in New Delhi. This company also built the largest terminal in all across India, the terminal T3, which is also one of the largest terminals in the world.

4. Tata Projects Ltd.:

Tata company is known to many people for their automobiles. But Tata Projects Ltd. Is growing in the fastest pace in developing and proving themselves in the construction field zone. It is part of the companies which have a major fanbase and is admired by many people. Industrial infrastructure, Urban infrastructure, Quality services and Utility services- these are the main four strategic units through which Tata Projects Ltd. Operates in the construction fields.

5. Reliance Infrastructure:

Reliance Infrastructure is part of the business giants that has developed in India. Starting their journey in 1929, Reliance Infrastructure had a market value of more than 11,300 crore rupees in March of 2015. At this time, the company is widely known as to be in charge of successfully executing power projects and road sector projects.

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6. DLF:

From constructing 22 major localities in Delhi to having a steady record of sustainable growth, DLF has been on top of their game for nearly 70 years. They have their headquarters situated in New Delhi.

7. Hindustan Construction Company:

Founded in 1926, Hindustan Construction Company has built many renowned projects that India can boost about including Bandra Worli Sea Link, West Bengal Highway Project [NH-34], Rajasthan Atomic Power Plant, Rajasthan, etc.

8. Gammon India:

In the year of 1922, the largest civil engineering construction company named ‘Gammon India’ was constructed. Gammon India has many famous records, as it has executed projects of building many famous landmarks in India. One of them is the famous ‘Gateway of India’.

9. NCC Infra:

The Nagarjuna Construction Company operates from their headquarters situated in Hyderabad. The company has more than 10 thousand employees and has constructed many sea ports, non-metro airports, hydro electrical projects etc.

10. Punj Lloyd:

Punj Lloyd is vastly famous for their widespread branch of regional offices and is the biggest civil engineering company. Their regional branches cover constructions in Middle east, the Caspian, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and South Asia. More than two hundred projects were finished by this company, among which, 120+ were major projects.

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