Top Ten Destinations to Buy a Vacation Home In India

Location is a major factor to consider when it comes to real estate businesses. When buying a vacation home- the view of the ocean, uneven mountain ranges, a open dock on a lake are very much important to the buyers. India has many places along the way that inspires and offers buyers who are looking to buy a vacation home. Here are top 10 destinations in India where one can buy vacation homes to get a break from the everyday mundane routine:

1. Lonavala:

Lonavala is adjacent to two metro cities- Pune and Mumbai. This makes properties in Lonavala attract buyers to invest here. Lonavala has major transportation facilities and one can use both railways or hit the roads to reach there. The beautiful hill station that is located in the Sahyadri ranch also operates as an important bustling railway station.

Lonavala; Image Source:

Many top developers and real estate agencies are launching villas, apartments and holiday homes here in Lonavala. The PD’s Realty The Canvas, Purankiks Sayama, Lakhani Panache, Kalpataru Amoda Reserve are some of the latest projects that has been installed in Lonavala.

2. Ooty:

Ooty has developed as destination for vacation homes massively in the last few years. The picturesque landscape allows the place to be considered as a destination to construct colonial houses, bungalows, villas and apartments. Popular destinations thus include Kotagiri, Ooty and Coonoor.

The popular trend that is followed by the buyers here is to purchase a piece of land and later on construct a holiday home where they can enjoy their annual breaks from their everyday routine. On the other time of the year, the houses are usually given to caretakers or put up for rent. Major projects developed here includes Fern paradise, At Home Misty Dale etc.

3. Nainital:

Nainital, although being a hill station, is preferred by many developers and buyers to construct vacation homes. People often choose this place to get away from the heat of the Northern India. So, tourists are always stopping by to enjoy some peaceful time in Nainital. Non resident Indians are some of the people who are giving extra attention to Nainital.

4. Gokarna:

A tiny tourist town, Golarna is famous for beaches like Om beach, Kudle beach, Half Moon beach and Paradise beach, located there. There are also some prestigious religious sites here, namely Mahabaleshwar Temple, Maha Ganapathi Temple, Uma Maheshwara Temple and Bhadrakali Temple, which attracts many people here.

Although having such scenic beauties and wonderful sites, this place is very affordable and is adjacent to cities Goa, Bangalore, Chennai. The construction price here is low and there are easy sources for raw materials.

5. Yercaud:

Yercaud was once regarded as ‘the poor man’s Ooty’. The real estate market here is much more of a late bloomer. Still it is growing in a steady pace. The scenic beauty and the magnificent view of Yercaud is not unknown to the tourists here.

6. Kausali:

Kausali; Image Source:

A serene hill station located in the Himachal Pradesh, Kausali is 85 kms away from Shimla and 65 kms away from Chandigarh. There are many apartments here, that has been recently developed and some major focus is being received by the place by developers of some top real estate agencies.

7. Coorg:

Coorg is famous for its coffee plantation and plantation homes. The natural beauty of Coorg is indescribable and can not be compared to any other places. Uprising residential developments and a good networking connectivity with other major cities makes living here very easy. This place also makes a good place for an ideal retirement destination because of the lush greenery around and the pure air.

8. Dehradun:

Dehradun lies on the foothills of the Himalayan ranges and makes up for a perfect place for retirement destination. Dehradun offers you many reasons to invest on making a holiday home here. The living cost is affordable here, it has close proximity to many prime hill stations of Uttarakhand and is the nest of some of the best institutions. Dehradun lagged in healthcare once but healthcare segment like Max Healthcare now have multi-specialty hospitals here.

9. Goa:

Indians and foreigners both kinds of people have considered Goa as an ideal place of buying a vacation home for many years. The white sands, sunny beaches, vibrant flea markets and the architectural landmarks are the reasons that one should consider for buying a vacation home here.

Sea Beach in Goa; Image Source:

10. Sindhudurg:

Sindhudurg is a popular historical tourist destination located in the coastal area of Maharashtra. The prices of vacation home are pretty moderate and the real estate market is blooming here at a high pace.

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